164 +/- acres near Tensed, ID

Please Be Advised: Make sure the name/information in your B2B account matches how you would like to take title if you are the successful bidder.

We highly recommend using a PC device on auction day. Please refresh your screen frequently to ensure you are seeing up-to-date information. Note: especially on cell phones/tablets, what you are seeing on the screen may not be what is actually happening on the online timed auction. Some devices do not refresh therefore causing misleading results.  

Please make sure to edit your profile and add your mobile number so you receive SMS outbid notifications. The mobile phone number should be formatted in the following manner (Example: +12223334444).  If you've placed a bid during the auction, you should monitor your email and SMS outbid notifications and refresh the page in the last couple of minutes your lot is open to make sure you haven’t been outbid.